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An Honest Doctor

In May 1988 James Johnson, M.D. started in medical practice. Contrary to many people's assumptions, not all doctors earn high salaries. James always has been an upstanding doctor of moderate means who took pride and pleasure in doing his utmost, through traditional and nontraditional medicine, to serve patients who sought his help. Nontraditional (alternative or complementary) medical methods can be in the form of acupuncture, massage, meditation, herbs, aromatherapy, and more.

In James' case, he was asked to provide and did provide herbal therapy, which was the absolute best that he could give based upon his years of study and practice in both traditional and nontraditional medicine. As you may know, many herbal therapies stem from documented knowledge of plants and methods used effectively by Native Americans for many centuries. Also, medicine is not a finite science and patients rarely have guarantees; what works for one person may not work for another, and one person's body may fail to respond, or react negatively, to a drug or other therapy that worked for someone else. Patients should enter therapy with such an understanding and must follow the doctor's instructions exactly.

Wrongly Accused

Despite Jamesí best efforts and dedication to the Hippocratic Oath, he has been accused of malpractice by the state and stripped of the ability to practice medicine, the occupation to which he has devoted his life. All because he did what he was trained and trusted to do. Where in that lies justice for an honest doctor, especially one of moderate means?

Dr. Johnson's medical license was suspended in June 2000 and revoked that November. The "reason," as quoted by the medical board: "Unprofessional, unethical, dishonorable conduct; gross malpractice; offered, undertook, or agreed to cure or treat a disease, injury, ailment, or infirmity by a secret means, method, device or instrumentality." Truly, neither the description nor the punishment is fitting.

Please support James and the payment of his legal expenses!  

Total amount needed: $100,000
Amount due immediately: $40,000
Total donated & received to date: $4,500
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James desperately needs funds, and quickly, for his legal defense. It's only fair and appropriate that you, as prospective donors and lenders, understand the public information that is available about his case.

James Fully Complied With The Law

In accordance with that suspension, Dr. Johnson himself immediately stopped providing medical care to patients. He hired licensed doctors to provide needed, ongoing care for patients and confined his activities to managing the non-medical portion of the business, which he ultimately had to close. To show genuine compliance with the law, he explained this arrangement in a February 2001 letter to the Assistant General Counsel, Department of Health.

Cleared By One Court, Indicted By Another

Then, a pleasant surprise: In the fall of 2001 a court declared that the November 2000 medical board decision was in error. Despite that second ruling and his compliance, Dr. Johnson was indicted later in 2001 on a charge of "impersonation of a licensed professional for offense occurring 12/01/2000 to 12/31/2000" (Case # 2001-B-734). However, the legal system did not notify him; he knew nothing about this charge until a warrant arrived for his arrest in the fall of 2002. Imagine his shock! He, his patients, and other doctors in the community do not understand why such a charge has been levied against him.

Support Justice: Help To Defend An Honest Doctor

Now, we must rely upon your urgent aid to the Legal Defense Fund of James. Time is running out! Yes, time is running out for James to present and pay for legal defense against such ridiculous charges. Your monetary donation, now, is crucial to the Legal Defense Fund of James. Please . . . invest in an honest doctor today. By helping James, you ultimately will help the thousands of patients whom James, as a highly qualified and honest doctor, can serve. You have our sincere, honest thanks in advance for your help!

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